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Is it ever too soon to consider undergoing facial rejuvenation surgery?  In the past, traditional facelifts were reserved for older women.  There are several ways to look at whether there are advantages to having a little Nipntuck in the mid-30’s.

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures that address aging, the desire for a more youthful and freshened appearance represents a personal choice.  Considering a “mini-lift” to fix milder facial sagging is appropriate in certain conditions.  While it is not as long-lasting as an extensive facelift, the more temporary Nipntuck may postpone the time when more traditional facelift is warranted.  Patients often report that their goal is to maintain their youthfulness rather than wanting a big change.  For these patients, this procedure is an appropriate choice.  Younger women generally experience a quicker recovery, which is also appealing.

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Photo: Here I am with Dr. Cohen and his original artwork.  I recently attended a small workshop with Dr. Steven Cohen to discuss the beneficial effects of fat grafting.  The meeting was held at Dr. Cohen’s La Jolla office, where he shared results of fat grafting based on personal experience with his patients.  It is now well-established that fat injections placed beneath skin can lead to dramatic improvement.  Skin damaged by radiation therapy is particularly responsive to this treatment.  Careful injection of autologous (your own) liposuctioned fat beneath the radiated skin can lead to dramatic healing and improvement in skin quality.  Dr. Sydney Coleman of New York was the first to notice that facial skin overlying fat injected areas resulted in a more youthful appearance.  This is likely as a result of the presence of large numbers of stem cells, which are naturally found in fat.

I believe that this technique promises to make substantial changes in the area of anti-aging procedures and the treatment of damaged skin.  The use of fat grafting, as a soft-tissue filler, shows promising regenerative effects on both aged and damaged skin.  The stem cell laden injected fat stimulates tissue repair and recreates a more youthful and supple appearance to the skin.  As a matter of fact, I am doing a fat injection procedure this morning that is specifically designed for facial rejuvenation. Stem cell rejuvenation and other applications for similar procedures presents the cosmetic surgery wave of the future.