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Couples seeking anti-aging rejuvenation and undergoing cosmetic surgery together represents a growing trend.  While the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons doesn’t keep specific statistics regarding couples, they confirm that there is anecdotal evidence suggesting that more couples are having cosmetic surgery together.  This current trend is consistent with the increase of cosmetic procedures performed on men, who now account for almost 10% of the total.

Last week, John Glionna wrote an article for the Los Angeles Times, where he offers a first-hand account about his own experience with cosmetic surgery.  He laments about being prone to having saggy bags under his eyes and his wife bringing it to his attention.  Glionna creatively describes these eye bags as “making you look like some punch-drunk boxer who’s gone too many rounds.”  It is true that the puffy dark circles can make you look older than your age and appear tired and weary, even when you are well-rested.

Men are usually prompted to consider cosmetic surgery by their wives or when they accompany their wives to her plastic surgeon’s office.  This might help to break the ice and for men feel more comfortable to discuss a little nipntuck for themselves.  I have seen a gradual increase in men embracing the notion of undergoing cosmetic surgery.  Statistics indicate that 23,000 men had eyelid surgeries last year to help shave a few years off of their tired appearance.  It is second only to liposuction among popularity with male patients.  I have seen a spike in both of these procedures within my own practice.

Image: LA Times

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