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My name is Melissa.

Me and my children

Me and my children

In my 30 years of living, I’ve never had any sort of surgery.  I delivered all of my 3 children naturally and nursed all of them for a full year.  I would say I took pretty good care of myself while pregnant.  I exercised.  I ate decently.  But there was still a little side of my body that never reverted back to my pre-mommy days.  My husband and I decided quite quickly after we had our third child, with a count of 1 girl and 2 boys, all under the age of 5, that we were DONE!  The chapter of baby-making was closing and the “Restoring of me” chapter was beginning.  In fact, the wind was blowing the pages open.

I never ever second-guessed my decision to nurse my children.  I went 14 months with my first born, 8 months with my middle child and a full year with my last born.  I even used a breast pump as well, to keep the supply and demand up.  And now 5 years later, I look in the mirror and look for the missing boobs I once had.  I long for those days when I was nursing, because my breasts were at their prettiest.  I had cleavage…  I had shape…  I had my husband’s eyes locked on me…  Now fast forward 5 years and I’ve got nothing!

At the time I came to terms with pursuing breast augmentation, my husband, as well, was pursuing a new HOME THEATER!

My Husband's New Flat Screen TV

My Husband's New Flat Screen TV

A new 52 inch flat screen TV, with a 5 speaker surround sound system.  “Wow honey, isn’t the television we currently have just 5 years old?”  Of course it was!  “And so we’re getting all new everything because why?”  I asked.  Oh, because he wanted to.  And then that is when it became clear to me.  I, too, can have something I want and it certainly wasn’t going to be anything flat!

Check back for my story.


  1. Great story, Melissa. I like how you identified the period after your childbirth as “restoring” period. It is important to take care of yourself, especially as a mother, because your care of yourself ultimately means that you are in better condition to take care of your family. Best of luck. Hope to read more soon.


    • JL,
      Thank you for your insight. We agree and have actually titled our documentary film “Restoring Jennifer” for exactly the same reasons. The film is posted with a link on our Blog.

  2. Thanks for sharing your personal story with us Melissa. I’ll make sure and keep up with it and read the updates. I cant wait!

    • Amy,
      We are pleased that you enjoy our blog.
      Stay tuned, as we film Melissa’s surgery, post clips and follow her recovery.

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