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Here are some of my thoughts on my upcoming Rhinoplasty surgery.  As I mentioned already, after considering surgery on my nose for the past 10 years, I am really excited that the time is drawing nearer!

I’ve been busy preparing for surgery over the past  month or so.  I was instructed to see my internal medicine doctor 2 weeks before    the procedure.

I needed to make sure I was healthy and up-to-date on all my blood work.  I felt really good after my appointment, having the support of my doctor to have the surgery.

Please check back to follow my story and see film clips of my surgery.

Over the past few weeks, I have been a bit nervous.  But it seems like the closer it gets; that feeling has subsided a little.  I’m ready to get going and get back home to recover.  I want to make sure I follow all post-surgery instructions, because I know this will help me heal faster.   I have read some of the other blogs and I guess this is a common concern.  Why go through surgery and recovery, only to then do something silly to jeopardize the final result?

I am excited to see the results. I know it will take time.  According to Dr. Bashioum, it will take almost 6 months for all the swelling to subside and to see the true results!  So, by this summer it will be a new me!  It will be fun to see if people actually notice any change.  Either way, I am definitely the one who will, because I look at myself everyday in the mirror!

Please check back to follow my story and see film clips of my surgery.


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