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Lip enhancement has become much more popular since the introduction of injectable fillers like Restylane and Juvederm.  These products are useful to not only  reduce lip wrinkles but also increase lip size.  Lip injections have recently become a popular fashion accessory.  Injections are done by a wide range of practitioners including physicians, nurses, and individuals without any formal medical training whatsoever.  Buyer beware.

This year’s Academy Award Red Carpet host, Lisa Rinna, reveals an interesting lip appearance.  Her upper lip shape does not appear normal.  Closer examination reveals that the center of her lip is smaller than outer thirds.  She may have been born this way or she may have had an injury or surgery to give this appearance.  Her full lips have become her trademark.

Julia Roberts reveals a different lip appearance.  Her upper lip is larger than her lower lip and does not have a normal Cupid’s bow shape.  It appears to be tubular or sausage like in shape.  She was probably born with this way.

Both of these personalities have lips which are out of the norm.   Most people are born with their lower lip slightly larger than their upper lip.  The upper lip should have a Cupid’s bow shape with the central portion fuller than the outer portion which naturally tapers toward the cornet of the mouth.  The fuller lower lip should “mesh” with the upper lip.  Here the central portion should be slightly smaller than the outer portions which should taper naturally.

Lip enhancement should do just that, enhance the natural beauty and shape of your lips.  Efforts to change your normal anatomy to match the appearance of someone else almost always will look strange or artificial.   This unnatural appearance is magnified since the lips are a major focal point on the face.  While the notion of what is beautiful changes over time, certain geometric proportions may often influence what composes a pleasing appearance.


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